G4INDO activities concentrate around a set of 5 Results, each divided in series of sub-results. Results are to be understood as the deliveries of the project, and as such they have been agreed by the subsidy provider. The project carries out activities to realise Results and sub-results.

Result 1: Partnership and business case established
This Result concerns the foundation of the project. Activities under Result 1 include, but are not limited to:

  • setting up functional relations with government and private sector organizations and institutions in both Indonesia, The Netherlands, and elsewhere,
  • establishing a reporting system,
  • periodically updating of the business case of insurance privison,
  • periodically assessing the impact of the project on both the environment and vulnerable groups including women,
  • creating and maintaining a website.

Result 2: User engagement establised
The prime focus of  Result 2 is the Indonesian institutions with whom G4INDO will develop the digital platform. The project will:

  • assess needs and estabish user requirements,
  • provide introductions and technical trainings as appropriate,
  • in joint cooperation with Indonesian institutions work on the integrated service architecture design,
  • assess and evaluate achieved results with users.

Result 3: Service provision established
Result 3 is about creating the digital platform:

  • securing access to data,
  • adapting the service elements: the meteorological data sub-system, the satellite data sub-system, the hydrology modelling sub-system, as well as data enabling insurance management and claim processing,
  • quality control and validation of data sets and elements,
  • making upgrates as required.

Result 4: Monitoring and evaluation
The monitoring and evaluation activities focus on all aspects of the project, including the impact of the interventions at field level:

  • carrying out a socio-economic base line survey at the start of the project, followed by a socio-economic impact analyses at the end of the project,
  • assigning a senior advisor to the project,
  • carrying out monitoring and evaluation of digital platform activities,
  • adjust plans as required.

Result 5: (Re-)Insurance issues
Activities concern all that is required in the process of introducing and managing an insurance program:

  • harvest failure monitoring,
  • flood and drought monitoring,
  • creation of a client data base,
  • optimalisation of re-insurance solutions,
  • insurance product design.